KK Debuts: Fall Fashion Gift Boxes!

Ahh!! For the first time ever, we are offering gift boxes for our favorite season! What’s not to love about fall? The cooler temps mean sweater weather is drawing near, and the changing foliage is the new color palette for our wardrobe- and who doesn't look good in a blanket scarf?!

Here’s the deal - three options, full of fall fashions, gifts and more! Hand selected for you, from us, with love.

This is not like other subscription boxes; we didn’t strike a deal to get you 100 full sized samples of new product. We are a small business, so no gimmicks; just great products to enjoy this fall! (Okay, so a little gimmick! You’ll get about 20% savings for each gift box!)

The Mini package is simple- we pick out items for you from the shop! If you get overwhelmed in KK, or just want a little surprise for your season, this is the box for you. Low cost, low risk (because it’s all cute, right??)

Have any questions? Reach out to us!

Because two of these are exclusive boxes, all items inside will be final sale. Thanks for understanding!

Emily Drobnock